“The Home is Where the Heart Is.”

It warms my heart to share with you the latest Drop005 from ShopNK—a simplified edit of lifestyle essentials designed to help you feel more connected and inspired at home. For 2021, we are introducing an array of elevated home must-haves and new collaborations designed for purposeful living. From hand-crafted, heart-shaped acrylic coasters to my favourite cozy robe to curated scents from French candlemakers, we’ve partnered with boutique and international brands to curate products that will bring joy, comfort and inspire us all to live more intentionally.

Being thoughtful about the things we surround ourselves with and giving back to our communities has never been more important. At ShopNK, you have the opportunity to do both, by choosing the charity that speaks to you most, and the products that you feel a connection with.


Top Picks

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