About ShopNK

ShopNK is a curated e-comm platform with a conscience, a project produced by Natasha Koifman.

Committed to changing the way we engage with the shopping experience, this new extension of the NKPR brand brings a humanitarian mindset to modern retail. The curated offering is built around limited-edition pieces in the fashion, beauty and entertaining, and art spaces, all sourced through coveted brand collaborations between burgeoning entrepreneurs as well as established brands.

A portion of the proceeds from every ShopNK purchase goes directly to an established charity of the buyer’s choice—one of five local and international organizations that are near and dear to Natasha. It’s an approach that empowers our followers to think philanthropically at the personal level and give more meaning to the things they surround themselves with.

Our Mission

To encourage the next generation to wield their buying power responsibly; to remind them that simply making the mindful choice is a reward in and of itself; and to build a community amongst artisans and consumers that works toward a greater good.

About Natasha Koifman

Public relations authority. Venture capitalist. Humanitarian. This is the impact that Natasha Koifman has had on the global community. Dividing her time between Toronto, New York and Los Angeles, Natasha has earned an indelible reputation by rooting all that she does in social responsibility and charitable cause.

Through NKPR, her highly respected, award-winning agency that’s amassed world-class clients, she’s able to shine a spotlight on stories of substance while supporting causes that are making a difference around the world. Natasha’s pay-it-forward philosophy permeates the entirety of her work-life integration: She acts as the Chair of the Board for Artists for Peace and Justice Canada, sits on the board for G(irls)20 and has championed countless charity initiatives. Her Ted Talk, on the importance of being present showing up for others, debuted last year to much acclaim. Natasha’s commitment to mentorship—namely propelling entrepreneurs to positions of power and change through her angel investment company AN8—is helping to ensure that the next generation prioritizes a philanthropic mentality. Her innovative work garnered a profile in Forbes, detailing her business acumen, entrepreneurial approach and support of up-and-coming talent.

Along with Natasha’s high-fashion aesthetic—punctuated by her #NKAllBlackEverything style ethos—she’s garnered major editorial praise, becoming one of the first subjects to be profiled in the Coveteur, acting as a frequent commentator on ET Canada and securing fashion features in Forbes, Marie Claire and the Globe and Mail.

Natasha Koifman

“We want to empower a generation of consumers to do good as they shop”