Mr. Brainwash’s Spray Love

Art That Gives Back: Mr. Brainwash’s Spray Love

What does your art say about you? Sometimes we are swayed by pure aesthetic appeal; in other moments, there’s a distinct meaning steeped within a piece, an emotional pull that commands attention. In the most compelling of cases, an art piece will do both: arresting imagery with a moving undertone, perhaps even having a connection to charitable cause.

Enter Spray Love, a limited-edition, hand-produced silkscreen print by Mr. Brainwash, the French-born, L.A.-based artist Thierry Guetta. In partnership with Toronto’s Taglialatella Gallery, this remarkable canvas fuses Pop Art with Mr. Brainwash’s signature street sensibility which has earned him notable clientele including Madonna and the Dalai Lama. Within the joyous image of Charlie Chaplin spreading love is a message of giving, with over 70% of proceeds from each of these numbered, thumb-printed and signed pieces going directly to Lifeline, a foundation operated by Lifetime Developments , one of Toronto’s leading real estate development firms, dedicated to supporting Toronto’s most vulnerable communities. Investing in your first piece or building upon your collection never felt so gratifying.