Peter Triantos Jelly Bean Series Original Painting

Contemporary abstract artist Peter Triantos specializes in high-end, investment-grade fine art produced for residential and corporate spaces. Prolifically creative, he lives and works in Toronto where he has successfully represented himself for many years while further developing his innovative artistic styles. He has forged partnerships with designers, architects and developers, placing his paintings in private collections, model suites, and major lobbies across North America, Europe and Asia due to growing global demand for Peter Triantos’ neo-abstract expressionist works.

The sensational ‘Jelly Bean’ series is a visual euphony of positive energy and joy. Vibrant colours and bold brush strokes come together to create lively compositions that are simple yet sophisticated. ‘Jelly Bean’ series livens up any given luxurious space. The vivid colours create a cheerful atmosphere for any given spaces providing a positive energy that is lighthearted.

Each ‘Jelly Bean’ brushstroke is painted in a one-of-kind colour – represent various positive ideals, love, and faiths. ‘Jelly Bean’ series is joyful love notes to nature and thank you notes to humanity from the artist. This is demonstrated by his humanitarian spirit through contributions to a number of charity organizations, namely the Bay Crest Foundation’s Brain Project in which he exhibited a brain sculpture with the ‘Jelly Bean’ design at the city hall and Camp Oochigeas where he turned a paddle into an art piece by incorporating the ‘Jelly Bean’ design for children. He has also donated ‘Jelly Bean’ pieces to charitable organizations such as Mount Sinai Hospital, Canadian Foundation AIDS Research, Serge Ibaka foundation from Raptors, Gold Medal Plates Olympic Foundation, Children’s Aid Foundation, Autism Gala, CIBC Charity, SickKids Foundation, the Matthew House to support refugees and Brain Matters to raise funds for a cure for brain cancer. The iconic ‘Jelly Bean’ is spreading worldwide, promoting happiness and goodwill.

  • Jelly Bean, 2020
  • Paint on canvas
  • 48 x 60 in.
  • Signed by Peter Triantos